Online Training for New Members

This must take place on your FIRST DAY OF SERVICE in our program as the FIRST ACTIVITY you do that day.Your service site is aware of this requirement. If your start date falls on a weekend or day you are not scheduled at your site, you may complete the training off-site with prior approval. DO NOT record any time on your timesheet prior to your official start date (listed in your Member Agreement). Your training completion will be timestamped, so completing the Training early or late or incorrectly could result in disallowance of service hours.

This training will introduce you to the history of national service in the United States, AmeriCorps, the Appalachia CARES program, and the host agency, Clinch-Powell. The training will also guide you through our member handbook and paperwork requirements. You must read through all referenced documents and complete the entire training slideshow to get credit for the training. There will be a certification at the end. Make sure you don’t skip the final page! You will not be able to go “back" at any point, so make sure you understand the information before progressing. You may record up to two hours of Training (Code T) on your timesheet for the the online training.


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