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Appalachia CARES AmeriCorps offers service opportunities in Tennessee in a variety of community-based agencies. Full time (1700 hours / 12 months), Half time (900 hours / 8-12 months) and Quarter time (450 hours / 4 months) service contracts may be available depending on service sites and positions offered.

In general, applicants should be at least 18 years of age,* have a high school diploma or equivalency, be a citizen or legal resident of the country, and have a passion for serving others, getting things done and making a difference! Certain skill sets and experience may be desired or necessary for specific positions within our program.

AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance to cover basic living expenses while in service. After successful completion of the service term, members also receive an education award to apply to college or pay off existing loans. There is no age limit for our program, but we aim to recruit participants who will take advantage of the education award benefit.**

*Limited youth development positions are available in the summer for high school students age 16 - 18.
**Adults age 55 or older may have the opportunity to transfer the education award to a child or grandchild.

How to Apply:
Recruitment for our program is primarily handled by the individual service sites. However, if you are interested and have not been recruited directly by a site, please email your resume and cover letter to to request an application or more information.

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Appalachia CARES/AmeriCorps Program Staff

Trenna served 2 terms with the Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps program at Clinch-Powell before joining the staff as the Program Director in 1997. She directs this large statewide program in partnership with a network of community based organizations as well as the recruitment and oversight of members.

Stephani has been involved with CP since 2005, full-time since 2010. An Appalachia CARES / AmeriCorps alum herself, she now assists with the management of the program. She has a B.A. in Visual Communication from Maryville College and manages branding and graphic design for CP.