Thank a Farmer!

March 24th is National Agriculture Day. There is an old saying: “If you ate today, thank a farmer.” It is difficult to deny this truth. However, agriculture is important to more than just the dinner table. The work of our nations farms, big and small, impact every aspect of our way of life. Textiles, raw goods, transportation, and our overall economy are reliant on what happens in the world of agriculture.

For 30 years Clinch-Powell has provided support to local farmers. It has been one of our primary purposes to support agriculture, while encouraging eco-friendly practices. Our story began in this work in 1989, and, while our work in agriculture and conservation are not often in the spotlight, we still work steadily behind the scenes to continue the mission through our programs and partnerships.

The Clinch-Powell Watershed Alliance provides financial assistance to farmers who wish to make improvements that will protect the waters of the Clinch and Powell river systems. We are not a regulatory agency; we simply offer assistance to those who request it.

We also provide Specialized Grazing Assistance to farmers in East Tennessee to help them maximize profits, improve soil health, and control pests through intensive grazing management. Our grazing conservationist works with each farmer to develop a plan that is specific to the land and the production goals of the landowner.

Additionally, many of our Appalachia CARES AmeriCorps member placements are conservation-focused or include components of energy efficiency education and conservation practices in the implementation of service-learning projects in the community.

So, during the Month of March, as we celebrate the wonderful contributions of agriculture to our society, remember to thank a farmer! If you are interested in learning more about Clinch-Powell's efforts in conservation and supporting agriculture, visit