Team up to save the Monarch

Butterflies are beautiful little creatures. Unfortunately, one well-known species native to the US is rapidly declining, and Clinch-Powell RC&D is taking action. The World Wildlife Fund reported in 2013 that the Monarch Butterfly population dropped by 59%. Much of the decline is due to deterioration of suitable habitats for the butterflies. Recently, Ronald Lambert, Clinch-Powell’s employee in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, procured a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to implement a program that provides sustainable habitats for the Monarch Butterfly, while providing local people and organizations the opportunity to learn about the insects and beatify their own landscape. The grant funds would provide wildflower seeds and instructional information at no cost to any private party or organization that wishes to participate. These wildflowers are specifically the types of flowers that attract and support the Monarch Butterfly population. The project is ideal for schools, and a learning curriculum can be provided to integrate into the classroom. If you would like to participate, or get more information on creating your own Monarch Habitat, contact Ronal Lambert at 423-300-8855, or email him at