The Lakeway FOC: One Year Later

It has been one year since Clinch-Powell launched its latest program, The Lakeway Financial Opportunity Center. Clinch-Powell has had a long standing legacy providing services that are designed to not only assist individuals and families, but also build strength in the communities we serve. The Lakeway FOC is no exception.

Designed to facilitate long-term financial stability for the clients served, the FOC provides three primary services: Employment Coaching, financial coaching, and income support coaching. These services are provided to participants in a “bundled” service model to ensure that the clients receive all of the support and resources they need to meet their financial, educational and career goals. The program was originally designed as an urban model by Lisc, a national organization whose mission is to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America. Clinch-Powell became a partner with Lisc in 2019 through our connection with Fahe, a member organization that serves the rural communities of Appalachia.

Since our launch, we have assisted 17 clients with gaining employment, connected 3 clients with enrolling in a higher education program, and have had 7 clients show a marked increase in net worth. Net worth grows when an individual’s debt decreases in comparison to the income they are earning. Our coaches work to provide resources and training allowing participants to gain the skills and resources to increase income and also provide financial coaching guiding them through the process of improving credit and paying down debt.

Katy is just one of the success stories coming out of the Lakeway FOC’s first year. Katy’s dream is to serve her community as a law enforcement officer. She currently attends Walter States Community College studying criminal justice. She has worked at various places, mostly in retail and food service while attending school, but really wanted to find work that would be more meaningful and provide experience and opportunities to advance her towards her long term goal.

When she came to the FOC for help, she really had very little experience with serious interviewing, and only had a resume that she had completed in high school. She worked with our coaches to lay out her career and financial goals. She learned how to create a professional resume, practiced responding to difficult interview questions, and received job search assistance. She is now employed as a correctional officer with Jefferson County Police Department and is gaining valuable hands-on experience that will give her an advantage when she completes the police academy next year and enters her career in law enforcement. Katy is also receiving financial coaching and is working towards reaching savings goals and building a positive credit history.

Clients are receiving other valuable services as well. During the difficult time that our community has faced in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our clients have received assistance with navigating applications for various assistance programs, applying for unemployment benefits, and guidance on how to make the best use of the resources and funds that have been provided by government relief efforts.

This program not only positively impacts the clients who are directly receiving the coaching services, but also provides great value to the greater community. Employers have access to a workforce that have gained the skills to be quality employees, and individuals are learning how to responsibly manage finances and credit, which most certainly impacts the economy of our local communities.

If you would like more information on receiving services or partnering with us in our efforts to create long-term financial stability for the families we work with, email or call 865-828-5927.