Giving Tuesday 2020 - Home is more important than ever

For years, Heidi Taylor had to park her car at the bottom of a steep, curved driveway and walk up the hill to her home. Those muddy, and sometimes dangerous, walks are now a thing of the past thanks to the work of Clinch-Powell RC&D and a program from THDA. Taylor said she had lost any hope of having the repairs made to her home when she found out about the Appalachian Renovation Loan Program (ARLP) program through Clinch-Powell. “I just gave up hope,” Taylor said. “I was just over the limit for a lot of the programs that could help, so I didn’t really have any hope. This program can be very beneficial to a lot of people. There are so many folks out there who are just like me, who thought there was no hope, or no help, and there is.”

Taylor, who works at a nonprofit in Hancock County, was able to have her driveway regraded and resurfaced, her roof repaired and a new HVAC system installed, among other repairs. Taylor's home, in Eidson, Tenn., was the first to be repaired under THDA's ARLP funded through ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission), the first time the ARC has earmarked funding for housing-related activities in Tennessee.

Lindy Turner, Executive Director at Clinch Powell said, “The program is needed to make repairs for homeowners who are not eligible to receive assistance from other resources. Heidi works for a nonprofit in Hancock County, and she has dedicated much of her life to helping those who need it. We just think it's great to be able to help her out since she has done so much for others."

“We are excited to provide a funding source for much needed home repairs to those families who have limited financial resources,” THDA Director of Special Program Cynthia Peraza said. “The assistance provided will allow these homeowner to live in safe, sound, and more energy efficient home.

When home is more important than ever, this is the kind of work Clinch-Powell does. Please help to support our mission.