Finding the best home loan.

Clinch-Powell will help you find the best home loan anytime of the year. Why wait when we can help you qualify for $5,000 right now to be used toward closing costs or downpayment assistance? Call us now at 865-828-5927 to learn more or get started. Some restrictions apply.

· Applicants must contribute no less than $500 towards the closing but up to $300 of that may be a gift
· Applicants need not be a 1st time homebuyer; 1st time buyers must complete a Homebuyers Education Course
· 5 year deed restriction
· Allow 4–6 weeks for approval
· Subject to restrictions and funds availability

Ready to get started?  Click here and complete the Pre-Purchase Intake today!  Give us a call for questions or to set up an appointment to get started.