Financial Freedom Starts with Financial Literacy

April is Financial Literacy month. Why is financial literacy important enough to warrant an entire month dedicated to it? Because studies show that 29% of Americans have more credit card debt than they do savings for an emergency. And only 39% of Americans say they could cover a $1000 emergency such as an emergency room visit or car repair. This is why learning how to manage money well is so important. When it comes to money, the more you know, the more it grows.

Clinch-Powell counselors witness firsthand the difficulties that come with being financially unprepared, but we also get to witness the freedom that taking charge of your finances can bring.

We get it. Managing money can be a challenge. Especially when there just doesn’t seem to be enough to manage. To address this challenge we are launching a new initiative that will focuses on both money management and increasing income. We will be officially rolling out our new Lakeway Financial Opportunity Connection (LFOC) in June, but we are already enrolling participants.