Criminal History Check

All programs under the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) have been instructed to require members and site supervisors to undergo the three-part criminal history check (NSOPR Public Website, state, and FBI Fingerprint) if they deal with vulnerable populations. We have no way to accurately document your interaction with these vulnerable populations on a day to day basis at your agency. Therefore, all members and site supervisors must complete this process.

Click on the instructions below and follow them EXACTLY. Contact me with questions. This must be complete by the deadline you were given. Please be aware that this is a MANDATORY step in the enrollment process. Failure to meet deadlines and/or complete the process will result in inability to serve in our program. If you are residing in a state other than Tennessee at the time of application to our program, you will also be subject to a background check in your state of residence. There is no cost for you, but if you miss an appointment or decide not to accept the position for any reason after being fingerprinted, you will be required to reimburse our program for these costs. You must be cleared PRIOR to starting your service. We will contact you when you have cleared. Members serving consecutive terms will not have to repeat this process unless there is a break in service of 120 days or more or a name change.

Fingerprinting Instructions

Site Supervisors

  1. Complete this Liability Release Form.
  2. Write your appointment date at the top of the liability release form and fax or email it along with a copy of your driver's license to 865.828.5212 or

Once completed, you will not have to undergo the criminal history check in the future. All results are secure in a locked file, and all grant regulations and Tennessee State Laws are followed. Only Appalachia CARES program staff have access to these records. We understand some of our site supervisors are in positions that require a rigorous criminal history check, and you currently have one on file with your agency. Unfortunately, by law and grant regulations, we are not allowed to access the results, so we must require a separate check.

This process must be completed before supervision and verification of hours can occur. Please understand that we CANNOT place a member at the site if the supervisor has not completed this process.

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