Clinch-Powell’s workshops have reached over 850 individuals, and we are hoping to expand that reach!

Financial Literacy

Do you have a group that would benefit from participating in a Financial Literacy Workshop?

Our workshops focus on the importance of making sound financial decisions. Call us to set up a session with your school, civic or work group. Workshops will be formatted for your age group and needs.

It is never too early or too late to learn!

Workshop Topics:

  • Financial choices game
  • The impact financial decisions have on others
  • How to develop healthy financial habits

If you would like Clinch-Powell to come present a Financial Literacy workshop for your students or group, book a workshop today!

Student Loan Debt

Are you concerned about student debt? Call us to learn about your options. Student loan debt in the U.S. is calculated at $1.3 trillion, second only to mortgage debt, and over 8 million people are already in default on their student loans.

Clinch-Powell offers workshops for local school systems to educate students about options for paying for college and making smart decisions when obtaining and repaying student loans.

For those who already have student loan debt, we also provide workshops focusing on repayment strategies and student loan debt relief programs.

Workshop Topics:

  • Alternative ways to pay for college
  • Types of student loans
  • Loan repayment strategies
  • Loan forgiveness programs

If you would like for us to speak to your school, college or group about Student Loan Debt, please book a workshop today!

Energy Efficiency
Clinch-Powell‘s earliest efforts were in conservation, and this cause is still important to our mission. We continue to strive to educate the community about reducing energy waste. This not only reduces the negative impact on natural resources, but also provides a savings on consumer utility costs.

If you would like for us to speak to your class or group about Energy Efficiency, book a workshop today!

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