Housing Preservation Grant Statement of Activities

  1. Homeowner assistance program of up to $7500 in home repairs that include major systems: roof, windows, septic systems, heating/air and accessibility.
  2. The process for selecting program participants will be by application. Each application will be reviewed and prioritized based on need and qualifying factors.
  3. Clinch-Powell will work closely with local contractors to perform the work at market prices.
  4. Clinch-Powell will adhere to the Rural Development standards for existing dwellings.
  5. The program will be completed within twelve months of the time it starts.
  6. Administrative and contractual staff will be required to complete the program.
  7. The estimated number of very low – low-income households that the program will assist is 20 – 25.
  8. The geographical areas to be served by this program include Hancock, Cocke, Claiborne, Grainger, Hamblen, Hawkins, Jefferson, and Union counties located in East Tennessee.
  9. The estimated budget will be $180,000.
  10. The indirect cost rate is 13.79%.
  11. The accounting system to track the expenditures of this program is accurate and in accordance with GAAP standards.
  12. Each applicant will be provided a program valuation form to collect data to track program effectiveness and provide quarterly reports to funder.