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Home Team Experience Survey

The purpose of this survey is to provide clients with an opportunity to voice their opinions and collectively influence decisions made by the Home Team program.

Disclaimer: Your responses will be recorded anonymously and kept confidential, unless you choose to provide your identifying information. If you choose to provide your identifying/contact information, there is a possibility that you may be contacted by a member of Clinch-Powell RC& D for follow-up questions. All survey results will be sent to a company e-mail account after which, the data will be compiled and reported to the Executive Director, then presented to the Board of Directors.

Please rate the following statements:

* The Housing Counselor(s) were knowledgeable about the housing industry at large and the specific programs of Clinch-Powell Home Team.
* Counselors and Staff were polite and pleasant to work with.
* Counselor(s) were easy to reach and respond promptly (within 2-3 business days) to requests and/or questions
* Which methods of communications did you use to contact your housing counselor?
* Counselor(s) communicated effectively, and clearly informed you about Clinch-Powell RC&D Council’s procedures, services, and privacy policies.
Please provide any comments you may have about your experience with the Clinch-Powell Home Team:
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