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Clinch-Powell Watershed Alliance

The Clinch Powell Watershed Alliance is a groundbreaking partnership between the Clinch-Powell RC&D and The Nature Conservancy. Our purpose is to provide financial assistance to farmers in the area wishing to make improvements that protect the waters of the Clinch and Powell rivers systems. We are not a regulatory agency; we are simply offering assistance to those who request it. For more information please contact the Clinch Powell Watershed Alliance office at (423) 733-2100 or visit us on the main office on Main Street in Sneedville across from Citizens Bank.

Between July 2002 and June 2010, the Clinch Powell Watershed Alliance completed projects with over 100 landowners and installed:

  • 288,872 ft of Access Control Fence
  • 59 Heavy Use Area Protections
  • 22 Stream Crossings
  • 37 Livestock Watering Systems
  • 3,231' of Streambank Stabilization
  • 142 Livestock Watering Facilities

    Contact: Ronald Lambert
    Office location:
    1203 Main Street
    Sneedville, TN
    Across from Citizen’s Bank
    Phone 423-733-2100 or 423-300-8855

    Funding Partners: