Clinch-Powell Launching Financial Opportunity Center

Clinch-Powell's mission has always been about creating solutions. From conservation to community development and housing, we have worked to develop programs that provide long term stability for clients and partners. This year, Clinch-Powell is stepping into yet another new arena with our Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). The FOC’s primary goal is to assist participants with improving their long term financial stability. This is more than just budget counseling. The FOC will work with clients in meeting personal goals by focusing on three areas: job training and workforce development, financial coaching, and informed referrals for services to address immediate needs.

Each client will have a personal coach who will help develop a plan of action, provide access to resources, and guide clients through the process of carrying out the action plan. The program is designed to provide case management and support to increase the chances of participants reaching and maintaining their goals.

This program will not only benefit individual participants, but we believe it will strengthen the local workforce and build a stable service network within the communities we serve. Research based data shows the FOC model to be very successful in other areas of the country, and Clinch-Powell is excited to bring the program to East Tennessee ( Our communities already provide a wealth of services and resources. The FOC aims to build on what already exists and provide individual guidance for participants through the process in a case management style service delivery system.

The Financial Opportunity Center is intended to promote and foster long term stability and growth rather than provide a quick fix to meet immediate needs. We believe this program will be a successful endeavor that benefits the people who live, work and do business in our communities. We will begin accepting clients for this program in February.